Does Infrastructure Matter to App Developers?

As Infrastructure becomes more commoditized and an extreme pricing war rages on at the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) layer, infrastructure vendors are moving up the stack towards offering more services that app developers can consume. Some of the emerging trends in modern application development makes infrastructure and application development go hand-in-hand. Especially with

  • Building applications for scale including Big Data
  • Agile processes and Devops including Platform as a Service
  • Cloud computing in general

Plus enterprises are still spending substantially for pure storage.

Having said all this I am moving on to EMC and help make the case that the company cares about application developers and to reduce the friction for developers to work with the EMC technologies and products. Although some of the core EMC products might seem far removed from the application developers, products from VMware, Pivotal and RSA are all extremely relevant to application developers.

Many of Spring commiters are from Pivotal. Spring, a developer favorite which also has significant adoption in the enterprise is the underpinnings for many of the Pivotal technologies and products.

EMC is also making a push with some anticipated announcements to the OpenStack community. Some of the core EMC products, like ViPR are making the move to be more open and developer friendly.

Hoping that our newly formed team @emccode can work with open source and developer communities, contribute to projects and solutions and show that EMC cares.

p.s. In late breaking news EMC buys Cloudscaling today and I had nothing to do with it 🙂


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